Here's what just a few of our happy customers are saying about the Emily Rose Happy Pet™ Diaper Holder:

The diaper holder arrived yesterday and I wanted to pass along a couple pictures.  Junie is our daughter's dog.  Five months after Maggie rescued her, Junie suffered an FCE (spinal Stroke) and lost use of her back legs, tail, bladder and bowel. 

Evetually the nerves regenerated to only her left hind leg.  Last week, we had her right leg amputated.  She is doing quite well on three legs but will never regain bladder/bowel control.  The diapers became problematic without a hind leg, so the Emily Rose Happy Pet Diaper Holder will be very useful.  Here she is rockin' her new look.

Julie Hull


We have a very active and intelligent Rottweiler who can maneuver her way out of any situation, including getting a diaper off; that was a walk in the park for her until we tried the Emily Rose Happy Pet™ Diaper Holder.  WITHOUT the Emily Rose Happy Pet™ Diaper Holder, our Rottweiler would have had her diaper off within minutes of putting it on.  WITH the Emily Rose Happy Pet™ Diaper Holder, as smart as she is, she can't come close to getting her diaper off!  And the plus-side is, she doesn't even seem to notice that it's on.  It stretches with her every move so she is still as active as ever.  The Emily Rose Happy Pet Diaper Holder™ is so incredibly easy to use.  We are so very thankful for making one part of being a pet owner that much simpler.
Roxi's mom and dad - Keri and Adam Lightcap


My dog is an 8 year old Maltipoo named Toby.  For some reason, Toby likes to mark - lately it had gotten so much worse.  Everyday I would come home to marks on the floor, on the furniture and just about everywhere you can think of.  No matter what we tried, nothing seemed to stop the problem.  I was tired of stains on the floor and the lingering order.  I decided I had nothing to lose and tried the Emily Rose Happy Pet™ Diaper Holder with a diaper.  I can't tell you what a difference it has made.  The diaper actually stays on and there are no more wet spots on the floor or on the furniture - plus he looks adorable in it.  He doesn't mind wearing it at all.  It sure has made Toby a happier dog - he's no longer in trouble all the time!
Diane White
Rahway New Jersey
 My dog is elderly and cannot hold her urine anymore.  She has been in diapers for the past two months and I have struggled with trying to keep diapers on her.  I was at my wits end until I found the Emily Rose Happy Pet Diaper Holder.  What a GREAT idea!!!!  It works great and now I have no worries.  Thanks so much for such a great product.
Elaina Lambert,  New Jersey
The Emily Rose Happy Pet Diaper Holder is perfect!  My Olive does not have the awful stressed out reaction wearing it that she did with other products.  We can all sleep in our comfy bed ALL night now!  Thank you so much for the wonderful diaper holder.

Donna Waters
Durham, NC