Welcome to Emily Rose Happy Pet™- 
creators of the most flexible pet diaper holder.

Let's face it - those disposable pet diapers don't stay on.
Neither do the washable ones.  Pet owners are frustrated and faced with few options when they have a new puppy..... or they can't train their dog.... or their dog is in heat.... or their pet becomes incontinent.  As a result, some owners are forced to give away their pet, or even worse... when they become incontinent, they put them down!
Fortunately we have the solution...

The patent pending Emily Rose Happy Pet Diaper Holder is: 

• Comfortable
• Made with soft elastic and a cotton collar

• Adjustable straps fit a pet securely

• Unisex   

• Easy to take on and off

• Increase disposable and washable diaper sales!

Consumers love it because not only does it work, but it's also attractive!

Millions of dogs and cats suffer from incontinence due a medical condition or have accidents around the house for any number of reasons. We know it can be very frustrating to a pet owner.  Our mission is to help owners keep their pets at home, not given away to a shelter or even put down because of this problem.
We feel that our product, Emily Rose Happy Pet™ Diaper Holder, will not only change the quality of life of a dog or cat but also the quality of life of the pet's owner.

We feel so strongly about preserving pets lives that we are donating a portion of our profits to pet shelters.